This is the first chapter of FRATELLI BENZON's web catalogue: the smokers articles.

The pages of this section are dedicated to those classics accessories, always useful for any kind of smoker, whatever demanding, passionate or simply curious.

This range of objects is also addressed to those, not necessarily smokers, but always fascinated by the world of smokers and their tools.

As a matter of fact, the items hereby presented, we are sure, are certainly able to suggest many interesting ideas for nice presents, which can satisfy both the "normal" cigarette smoker and surprize the pipe lover.

With the help of the side menu, divided by categories, you can browse the entire list of our well tested products.

Among them, you can discover many types of cigarette cases, holders, machines, papers, lighter cases and whatever else can be useful or absolutely necessary to the cigarette smoker.

Also, carefully selected for the pipe smoker, you can find a collection of valid instruments, like pipe bags, pipe tools, filters, cleaners, tobacco pouches, all of them suitable to meet any specific need.

Moreover, many other little things, to help you to turn smoking into a more personalized habit.